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    Post Caf bng the single mom part 2

    Continued from part 1:

    After your family vacation, you find out your oldest child, who is 20 is pregnant (if a girl) and if a boy,going to be a father. It happened at a party. You are disappointed in your child, especially because you had taught him/her better than that. However, you and __________ will continue to support his/her and her choices. If you have a daughter, the guy leaves her after he finds out she is pregnant. If your oldest is a son, he decides to stay with the girl, because it was his fault too, and he can't leave her with the child. He still loves her. She is younger by two years, and only 18 years old. Once her parents found out they disowned her. If you have a son, the two move in with you, and if you have a daughter, she moves back home. 9 months later, the baby is born.

    You choose the gender:

    Name bank: Joshua, Kevin, Isaac, Gideon, James, Ivan, Jerry, Jonathan, Ronan, John, Beckett, colby, Dante, Yale.

    Sophia, Marie, Tara, Kylie, Arden, Raye, Jolene, Maya, Julie, Catherine, Bethany, Leanne, Samara, Chloe, Lindsey, Tulisa.

    Your child now has a job to support his/her child, working at the local McDonald's. You still have your well paying job as a secretary, and your husband is still teaching. Baby ______________ is well loved by everyone in your household, especially your youngest child, _________________ loves to play with her/him. You hope your child and little family will eventually be able to move out on their own, but that won't happen unless one of them completes their college education. Your child quits his/her job, and goes back to complete his/her last two years of college when the baby turns 4. She/he returns for holidays, such as Christmas. Two years later your oldest is finished college, and working as a _______________.

    Choices for job:
    Primary school teacher
    Culinary cook
    Truck driver

    Your second child, ___________ is done college now too, and owns a small apartment with his/her partner. Partner's name is:

    Luke, Thomas, Daniel, Bryant, Xavier, Dominic, Quinn, Edward, Nelson, Carl, Richard, Paul, Christopher, Garrett

    Luella, Brianne, Samantha, Della, Lee, Katie, Andrea, Hannah, Abigail, Zahara, Danielle, Lily

    His / her job is a: (partner and child choices) hairdresser, veterinarian, principal, store owner, accountant, writer.

    Soon, your oldest leaves you, along with your grandchild, and moves into a 3 bedroom apartment, 20 minutes from where you live. Your oldest children visit often, and are close to you. Your granddaughter is like a cousin to your children, not a niece or nephew.

    Three years later, You find out your youngest child is expecting-not one baby, but 2! Twins! You are very happy for him/her. 9 months later, the couple welcome two boys, whom they name:

    Name bank: Arnold, Craig, Michael, Luca, Trevor, Jacob, Taylor, Devon, Jeremiah, Robbie, Carlos, Avery, Roo, Wolfgang, Niall


    Your husband is retiring from his teaching job, and there is going to be a party. Your children and their families will all attend, as well as your husbands former co-workers, and your friends. During the party, your third and fourth children tell you they have an annoucement to make. They announce that they and their spouses are going to be parents! 9 months later, two babies are born. A boy, and a girl.

    Evander, Jacoby, Jack, Alexander, Justin, Maxmillian, Jared, Nori, Blake, Homer

    Emery, Jennifer, London, Carly, Anne, Melanie, Kara, Cassidy, Mae, Betty, Pearl

    You are so happy, you now have 5 grandchildren. Because everyone is moved out now, you and __________________ decide to go on a vacation. Where do you go?

    British Columbia

    May be a part 3!
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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