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    Regarding the two middle names, I don't think two is too many. For most of my girls combos I have two middle names, I love the way they flow. Sometimes that second middle name can really add a pretty touch. I have two middle names, so do some of my cousins, my sibling, some of my friends, family members, etc. Then how to honor a Derek- I think you should look up the meaning. For example, if the meaning of Derek is strong, a name with a meaning along those lines would work- another name meaning strong, or powerful, etc. anyways, congratulations and good luck!
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    My eldest brother was given two middle names- the first names of each grandfather. It was a nice way to ensure each grandfather was included, and the names flow nicely (Edward James). I say go for it!

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    Personally, I feel it's too many. You hardly ever use 1, what's the point of 2? But it's just a personal preference. However, I feel if you do choose to do 2, then you should continue to use 2 on your next child/ren

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    I have 2 middles and my husband has 2. My full name is Aimee Lois Boden [last name]. Lois is my grandma's name and Boden is my mums maiden name. I've never had a problem with it. When I'm asked to write my middle name, I write both and if there isn't enough room then I just write Aimee Lois. We gave our angel baby two middles too and we will do for our next child.

    So no, I dont think it's too much!

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    I'm not a fan of the double middle name. I think, if you want to honor your husband's father, you should just take what you can from Derek and not saddle your child with two middle names-- especially if you don't even like one of them!

    Derek, according to Nameberry, means "the people's ruler." It also comes from the German Theodoric.
    Cool international variations of Derek: Dietrich, Dedric
    Names that also mean "the people's ruler:" Thierry
    Names similar to Theodoric: Theodore, Theon
    Names ending in -rek: (I'm not too crazy about any of these, but Marek's kind of cool.)

    Of course, there's always the option of taking the first letter "d" and doing something with that. Seeing as your choices are pretty limited, I'd probably do that. OR if that's not an option, find out more about Derek. Does he have a middle name? A favorite hobby? Find out everything you can about your father-in-law and apply that to your name search. Sometimes a disguised meaning can be more meaningful than a blatant sharing of a given name.

    Best of luck to you! x

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