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    Lightbulb Is two middle names too many?

    So, we've been trying for a while, and we're finally having a baby! I'm only 7 weeks now but we're already thinking of names.

    I have a problem though. If it's a boy, I'd really like to honour one of our fathers, but my husband's Dad is called Derek and I REALLY don't want to 'take up' the middle name space with Derek because I don't really like that name. I'd like to have a middle name that we really like, but do you think two middle names is too many? Or do you know any other ways we could honour my father-in-law without using his exact name?


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    I personally don't think two middle names are too much since everyone in my family have two and it's quite common to have two middle names in my country. As long as all the names aren't super long there shouldn't be any problems giving your child two middle names

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    I have two middle names and have always found it very annoying when filling out paperwork and trying to decide to write down both names or just one. Typically I only use one of my middle names (they are Nicole and Marie). I hate the name Marie so I tell everyone that my middle name is Nicole anyways because people don't expect you to have more than one.

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    Well, what's his father's middle name? Maybe ask him some names he likes, and pick one you like, so he had a direct hand in naming. That would be a cool way to honor him without using Derek.
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    Well, the royals use a long string of middle names. Why not? Who uses their middle name much? I say go for it, honor both fathers and make everyone happy.

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