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    Donovan, Senastian, or Milo?

    I've always liked this name but was worried about the Don/Donnie nn's

    Discovered the nn Van recently though, and I love it! Still would use the full name a lot, but I think nn Van would steer away from Don, yeah?

    Donovan Harris? Any other mn suggestions?

    Does this name have a bit of a classic feel as well as modern? My girls have old fashioned, not nicknamey, not too popular, but on trend types of names. My ds has a strong classic name.

    Also love Sebastian Harris or Milo Henry!

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    Donovan's such a handsome name! I prefer it without any nicknames. Donovan Harris sounds nice.
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    I love Donovan nn Van. It's Irish, rare and has a wonderful musical association. I like its meaning of "little dark one". Because it's a surname, I wouldn't use another surname in the middle spot. Donovan needs a strong, traditional classic middle name (one or two syllables).

    Donovan Thomas
    Donovan James
    Donovan Charles
    Donovan George
    Donovan Patrick
    Donovan Peter
    Donovan Niall
    Donovan Felix
    Donovan Jasper
    Donovan Hugo
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    I adore Donovan, especially with nn Van. I agree with mischa about not using another surname in the middle spot. Otherwise, your son might feel like he had 3 surnames! Donovan Harris is handsome, though, so if you love it, use it!

    I second mischa's suggestions of Donovan Thomas and Donovan James.

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    Thanks girls, glad to see positive responses...I know what you mean about two sir names :/. H is the only letter that has meaning so was thinking Harris, Henry (too much N?), or Hugo (but don't love it) as mn's. might have other meaningful names but will have to think on it. Does Donovan Henry sound ok? We don't have any N sounds in our last name. Glad u guys like the nn Van as well!
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