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Thread: Reagan?

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    I like Raegan much better than Regan but I guess I'm bias because my cousins all have very Irish names: Patrick, Raegan, and Ethan with the last name of Murphy. But Regan is nice too, so either one is good. I think it'd fit well with your sibset
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    Reagan sets off my cringe-o-meter. It is everything I don't like. It is trendy/masculine/surname. Maryn and Caroline are so gorgeous. I would keep looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgb0104 View Post
    Maybe Regan (Ree-gan) is a better option. It takes away the political aspect and honors our Irish heritage. Thoughts on Regan Elizabeth?
    I love Regan Elizabeth! Regan is actually the Shakespearean spelling and doesn't have the political connection that Reagan does. Regan Elizabeth also flows better, in my opinion.

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    I really like Regan, not so much Reagan. Regan Elizabeth is a really good name in my opinion, it flows well, and Regan is a nice name.

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    We must like the same names. My 3 year old is named Reagan Ellis. I'm due with a second girl this fall with Quinn and Marin on the top of my list.

    We liked the spelling Reghan the best, but went for the most common spelling. My only frustration is that people will try to pronounce it Ree-gan almost half of the time. I still love the name.

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