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    Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Taliawhat- i will look for a compromise where possible, i love having as many possibilities as possible. But sometimes, only the actual name feels appropriate, you know?

    Mrs_anton- its not the database meaning of a name that i'm talking about, rather its personal associations- sorry, i should have made that clearer. One example is the name Susannah: it was the name of my great-aunt who was dear to me and i'd like to honour, it is also a reference to my best-friend and is the name of a song which is very important to me and my husband. But i'm having trouble matching it with some of the other names on our list that are also very special to us because they honour family or remind us of a special place or song.
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    If you'd like to tell us the names, we'd be glad to help you with suggestions!

    To me, meaning trumps flow except for extreme circumstances in which something would sound downright ridiculous.

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