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    I'd imagine you'd be more likely to get names confused if they began with the same sound rather than ending with the same sound.

    I love Linnea and I think it goes great with Sienna though.

    But I'd personally pick something like Sydney, Celeste, Sable, Sadie, Sariah, etc.
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    Sable and Sadie are on my Top 20 Fav Names list, but I don't quite see them as a twin sort of name. I mean, sure, they start with the same letter, which is a twin thing, but I don't see someone mistaking the name Sadie for the name Sienna. They just aren't close enough. Brianna would work, although it's very close to Sienna in sound
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    Thanks so much for all your responses, these are exactly the issues I've got running around in my head, I feel like until I get the sister's name down I'm not getting anywhere which is slightly frustrated lol
    Sometimes I over think things too much but I feel like this is such an important for of the story and the characters, to me they exist together so ugh anyway the name is important... currently my short list is:

    Deana (pronounced Dee-N-ah)

    And I really like the name Zinnea but I don't know if it's maybe a bit out there or too trendy I guess, I mean Sienna is in my mind trendy I'm not sure if Sienna and Zinnea makes it too unusual. In my mind their parents are some kind of diplomats or government/rich high society types who provided for their children financially but weren't there for them a lot emotionally so not super trendy or vibe
    ugh I seriously over think things!
    What do you think? Any of the short list names jump out and shout 'tell her I'm the one?'
    And what middle names would you suggest for Sienna and any of her above option twin names?
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    They don't have to be similar. It would actually make more sense if they weren't. If they were, everyone would slip up rather frequently. If they were a bit more distant, like Sienna and Livie or something, it would have more of an impact when he slips up.
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    I like Sienna and Linnea. I say Linnea Lynn-A-uh, because that's how an acquaintance said her name. (Long A sound in the middle, like Amy.)

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