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    Pronounciation issues?

    Just recently discovered the names Linnea and Davina, think they're both great but I'm not sure of the proper pronunciations and I'm pretty sure I've been saying them wrong in my mind

    How is Linnea pronounced? I've been saying it as 'lyn-ee-a' but I think that might be wrong, would it be acceptable even if it's not the traditional pronunciation?

    How is Davina pronounced? I've been going with 'dav-een-a' but again I'm not sure

    Any suggestions names with a similar vibe to these two?

    What middle names would you use for each (just for fun)?
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    I know a woman name Linnea, she pronounces her name Lin-nay-ah, but that doesn't mean it's the correct pronunciation.

    I think Davina is pronunced dah-vee-nuh.
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    Davina is definitely Dav-EE-na.

    Linnea I think is from Carl Linnaeus the botanist, and as far as I know because of the Scandinavian origin is Lin-NAY-uh.

    I think there's probably an argument that in an English speaking environment you could say it LIN-ee-a but then it just sounds like linear!

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    As stated above, Linnea can be pronounced both as "Lin-AY-uh" and "LIN-ee-uh." I lean towards the former pronunciation but really like them both. (Actually, after reading what vch23 said about the word 'linear', I definitely like the first one more.)

    As for Davina, I believe you are correct in Dav-EE-nuh.

    For me, I would probably go with something like Linnea Lark and Davina Skye. Because, lately, I am loving fun middles.

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    Linnea is pronounced LEE-ne-ah (I speak Swedish and Norwegian).
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