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    I think Eli Bradley sounds great. I'm not really hearing the issue with Eli Miller Bradley when I say it out loud. What if you switched out the middle name? Eli Christopher Bradley sounds the best to me. I did notice that Christopher is your only middle name option that isn't two syllables; maybe you just need a name to break up the 2-2-2 syllable count.

    Keaton Bradley
    Levi Bradley
    Oliver Bradley
    Grant Bradley
    Clinton Bradley
    Isaac Bradley
    Reid Bradley
    Tobin Bradley
    Lincoln Bradley
    Wyatt Bradley
    Asher Bradley
    Jude Bradley
    Elijah Bradley
    Graham Bradley
    Miles Bradley
    Cooper Bradley
    Ian Bradley
    Luke Bradley
    Gavin Bradley
    Josiah Bradley
    Cole Bradley
    Rowan Bradley
    Eamon Bradley
    Spencer Bradley
    Nathan Bradley
    Nolan Bradley

    For the record, I think Twain would be really cool.

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    I think Eli is fantastic! Have you considered Elliot?

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    Since you liked Kellen, do you like Stellan, Callen (nod to Allen), or Callum? Any of those would sound great with Edward.

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    I think there's nothing wrong with Eli Miller Bradley. Hudson & Eli are great together! What about Sayer? It's a different twist on Sawyer, and means carpenter.

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    I like Eli, but not a fan of Miller. Plus I think Miller Bradley is the name of a board games company.
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