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    i need even farther out than top 100, i need outside the top 1000 so i have been looking at the ssa's beyond the top 1000 lists but its waaaay slow going. some of the above blogs have posts from them and they've taken the time to find the most interesting or the first time a name appeared.

    namecandy is even worse than nameberry, its all about trend and celebrities which is the opposite of what i want. while i dont want some crazy hard to pronounce boy name, i'd like to find something older and obscure. ive found one or two that might work, that roll off the tongue nicely or have a good nickname, but they just arent quiet right yet.
    It is an incredibly tedious process. I've got a list of 250 boys' names that received 100 or less uses in 2012. Here:

    Abbott, Abiel, Abijah, Abimael, Able, Absalom, Adlai, Adonijah, Alaric, Alasdair, Aloysius, Amadeus, Amaziah, Ambrose, Amias, Armand, Aurelius, Avram, Azriel, Balthazar, Barnabas, Barnaby, Bartholomew, Basil, Benedict, Bertram, Bjorn, Boaz, Boyd, Bram, Bravery, Burke, Caedmon, Caius, Calix, Callahan, Calloway, Carden, Carlisle, Carver, Casimir, Caspar, Caspian, Cathan, Cecil, Cedar, Chester, Claude, Claudius, Clement, Conan, Cosmo, Cotton, Courage, Cove, Crawford, Creek, Crimson, Crispin, Cyprian, Cyril, Dempsey, Dermot, Dixon, Django, Dodge, Domingo, Dov, Draco, Earnest, Ebenezer, Edmond, Elam, Emile, Emrys, Eoin, Esau, Evander, Ferdinand, Fergus, Flint, Florian, Floyd, Forest, Freeman, Gable, Gamaliel, Gardner, Gareth, Garland, Garner, Giles, Godfrey, Granger, Griffith, Grover, Gunther, Guthrie, Hadrian, Hamish, Harbor, Hardy, Harmon, Hart, Hawthorne, Hendrik, Hiram, Holt, Homer, Honor, Horatio, Hosea, Hoyt, Ignatius, Indigo, Ingram, Jabez, Jago, Japheth, Jed, Jehu, Jethro, Joachim, Jory, Jotham, Judd, Keane, Kirby, Kirk, Kit, Klaus, Lake, Larson, Lazarus, Leander, Lemuel, Leopold, Lev, Linden, Lior, Locke, Lorcan, Loyalty, Luther, Macsen, Madoc, Manoah, Marcellus, Marius, Mercer, Merritt, Micaiah, Monroe, Mordecai, Morrison, Murphy, Murray, Niall, Niccolo, North, Oak, Obadiah, Oberon, Ocean, Octavian, Octavius, Omri, Ori, Orson, Osric, Othniel, Ozias, Paolo, Pascal, Patton, Pax, Penn, Percival, Percy, Peregrine, Perrin, Perseus, Philemon, Powell, Prosper, Quinlan, Rafferty, Ramses, Ransom, Raoul, Rasmus, Reason, Redding, Reeve, Remiel, Rigel, Roarke, Rooney, Roscoe, Rufus, Rune, Rupert, Rutherford, Sampson, Seeley, Sequoia, Shadrach, Shaw, Sirius, Stellan, Stewart, Sylvan, Sylvester, Tavish, Teague, Tennessee, Tennyson, Thane, Theon, Theophilus, Thorin, Tiberius, Tiernan, Tobiah, Truitt, Valentine, Valor, Viggo, Virgil, Washington, Watson, Webster, West, Whittaker, Wilbur, Wilder, Wilfred, Wilhelm, Wilkes, Willis, Winslow, Winter, Worth, Wynn, Xerxes, Zacchaeus, Zadok, Zebedee, Zebulon, Zohar
    Saoirse Lily ♢ Leona Daphne ♢ Alice Niamh ♢ Mira Tamsin
    Blaise Edward ♢ Percy Domhnall ♢ Ciarán Hector ♢ Séamus Jon

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