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    Anyone feel like the Girls Top Ten all work better as middles?

    I've been thinking about this recently: my older sister is pregnant with a girl and really likes short, crisp first names. She hates nicknames, and her two current children have one-syllable names. However, she loves romantic, sweeping, French/Italian names too, and she wants to use one as a middle.

    The names that work best with her firsts are Olivia (which is currently #1), Isabella (#3), Sophia (#4), Elizabeth (#10), Amelia (#23) and Gabriella (#37). I am usually totally against Top Ten, even Top 50 names (having a pretty popular name myself made me hate sharing), but I can't help but think that these names, especially Olivia, Isabella and Sophia, make such beautiful middle names. Truly, they are gorgeous names anyway, and I do understand why they are popular, but now I'm shocking myself by thinking I might actually prefer them over other choices, and *gasp* may even use one as a middle myself.

    Any thoughts? Any others out there who have vowed to never give their babies a name higher than #200 but find themselves loving the sound of Beatrice Olivia, Ingrid Isabella, or Winter Sophia?

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    Balances an uncommon first name, gives the kiddo a safe fall-back name, and you get to use a name you love but is too popular in the fn spot!
    I actually really love Winter Sophia!

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    But like Ava and other short two-syllables names better in the first spot paired with longer frilly middle names.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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