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    I know of 2 Emily's. An 18 year old (My friend's younger sister) and my sister's dog.

    Emily and Lily are a bit similar. But I guess it would be fine if they went by their nicknames.

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    Not including myself, I know 5 Emily's, 2 Emma-Lee's, and an Emilee. Although it's a beautiful name, I suggest not using it, as an Emily myself. I hear my name so often in public that I don't even turn to see if the person is talking to me anymore. It is way over-used.

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    Compared to the number of Madisons and Madelyns I know, very few. In fact, I only know one under 10.
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    I know tons of Emilys... it doesn't bother me, though. It's such a pretty name! My cousin's 4 year-old is named Emily, and this is really the only reason I don't have it on my list anymore, because otherwise it'd easily be a contender for me despite the popularity.
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    Thanks for all the replies! (I'm the original poster, but my password's not working.)

    So looking at the stats for the province I'm in, last year there were 195 Emily's born, or just over 1% of the names reported (only those with 5 or more babies born with that name are reported). So, she'd have to be in a class of 100 to run into another... probability-wise.

    Would that be enough to turn you off? I am so torn. This is my DH's #1 pick and I love it, but the popularity's throwing me off. I wouldn't want her to be one of 10 in a class.

    That said, we have the opposite problem with our daughter, Lillian. Only 23 others were born that year in the province with the same name, but she goes by Lily... WAY more common (153 born that year). It's like with this child we would have the exact opposite problem- her full name would be very common (Emily), but her nickname and what we'd refer to her as (Em) is not common at all.

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