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    We like the name Emily Grace for a girl... but is Emily way overused now? Do you know many little girls with that name?

    We would also refer to her as Em and rarely actually Emily. We have a Lillian we refer to as Lily. Are Lillian (Lily) and Emily too similar, even if it's just the nickname of Lily that is close to Emily?
    My brother is in primary school (4-11 age range) their is one Emily in the whole school. I think Emily has died down popularity I feel people have got over the whole Emily/Emma craze and moved onto the likes of Amelia/Amelie. This is also similar with the name Jennifer. At one time the likes of Emily, Emma, and Jennifer were everywhere but now even though they are still popular the choices aren't crazily popular. I think Emily Grace is a lovely down to earth combination that just works. Emily & Lillian sound lovely together. But Emily & Lily does have slightly rhyme-like feel to the choice but if you feel that they are too similar you could go with Emma. Emma has the same feel has Emily but the 'ah' sound is very different to Lily. I also kind of prefer Lillian & Emma together.

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    I know one adult Emily, one 17 yr old Emily, and I've known 5 under-10 yr old Emilys (keep in mind I taught 2-8 year old girls for 4 years, so that's out of several hundred). Yes, Emily is popular, no, Emily is not Jennifer of the 70s in terms of numbers, and no matter how many times I hear Emily, I still think it's lovely and classic (Emily Dickinson, etc). It may not feel unique, but it also doesn't feel stale for me.

    I think Emily and Lillian (the Lil- names are also quite popular) work quite nicely together as long as it's typically "Emily and Lillian" or "Em and Lily" rather than "Emily and Lily."
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    I know three adult Emilys, two teenagers and probably half a dozen children with that name. I still like it though. Grace is pretty filler as a middle at the moment though.

    Emily and Lillian go well, Em and Lily go well but Emily and Lily are a bit close.
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    My first reaction was "My god, SO many!" But... after thinking about it a bit. Every single one of the Emily's I know are in their 20's (or almost I suppose). I can't say I know many MANY babies/toddlers, but not one is named Emily (one Emma in the mix, but that's minimal).

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    It depends what your views on popularity are. I love Emily but it seems that there is at least one Emily in each of my classes. It sounds ordinary with the filler mn Grace-maybe you could use a more unusual mn. You could also use the Frech spelling Emilie which is equally as pretty. I don't know really-its up to you!

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