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    How many Emilys do you know?

    We like the name Emily Grace for a girl... but is Emily way overused now? Do you know many little girls with that name?

    We would also refer to her as Em and rarely actually Emily. We have a Lillian we refer to as Lily. Are Lillian (Lily) and Emily too similar, even if it's just the nickname of Lily that is close to Emily?

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    I know a lot of Emily's (with various spellings.) I don't think I can count how many I've encountered in school, at the library, ect. While it could be considered a classic, I think it's pretty overused. And I find Emily and Lily similar, but if you would call her Em, then it's not that bad.
    If Emily Grace is a combo you and your significant other love, then use it. Even if it is popular, you might kick yourself later for not going with it.

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    Oh lordy, honestly I know too many to count. Also, Grace has become a filler name and is way too common too. I actually know an Emily Grace and an Emma Grace (12, 6 respectively). I think it's a pretty name but unless you're ok with the popularity, it's just not usable anymore. It's like Jennifer from the last 70's and early 80's, there will be SO many all over the place. Olivia, Sophia, etc. too.

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    Many! I am in a coffee group of 15 ladies and three of the bubs are Emily...How many do I know? I am a teacher so hundreds. A very common (but beautiful) name where I live.
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    I personally love the name Emily and know relatively few Emilys IRL. However, I would still resist using the name unless there truly weren't any other options I liked as much. Based on last year's census alone there were 20,791 Emmas (#2) and 13,550 Emilys (#6). Then there's still the Emmalines, the Emmys, the Emilias, the Emmalyns, the Emma Lee's, and so on and so on. Many of these girls will also be called Em, or Emma, or Emmy. For me, that's just too way much. And with Grace as a middle, there are sure to be a ton of girls with her exact fn-mn combination.

    That being said, if this is really the name you want above all others, that's what you should go with. No need to worry about Lillian and Emily as a sibset as long as you plan on using Em. Lily and Emily, though, would be too much.

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