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Thread: Beau vs. Bowman

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    Beau vs. Bowman

    I like the way Beau or Bowman sounds with my other kids names (Holden, Sawyer and Izabella aka Izzie)

    But I'm not sure If I like Beau Bennett or Bowman Bennett better with nn Boe. I don't care for Bo spelling reminds me of noddy odor I don't think Boe spelling would be a stretch really.

    Middle name ideas for it

    Beau Evan Bennett
    Beau Elias Bennett
    Beau Finley Bennett
    Beau Hudson Bennett
    Beau Harrison Bennett
    Beau Landon Bennett
    Beau Oliver Bennett
    Beau Lucas Bennett
    Beau Theron Bennett

    Bowman Drake Bennett
    Bowman Elias Bennett
    Bowman Graham Bennett
    Bowman Henry Bennett
    Bowman Reece Bennett

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    Also is the alliteration a no no

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