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    Your name is Savannah, you are 25 years old. You left your abusive fiancée a couple weeks ago, after being beat. You couldn't take it any longer, and your children deserved better. You are now living in a 2 bedroom apartment with your 3 children. There names are:

    Genders: 2 boys, 1 girl
    Child 1: Liam James 7 yrs.
    Child 2: Owen William 5 yrs.
    Child 3: Callie Gina 1 yrs.

    Soon, it is time for your children to start school. Only your oldest two are old enough yet, and you do not have much money to provide Nessecities because of your job as a part time waitress, and you are new in town. You go to the local good will and thrift store to find things for your children, and end up spending only 30 dollars on 100 dollars worth of items- all 3 of your children and you end up with some new clothing, some new toys for the kids, and some school supplies. The children start school, and you meet your oldest child's teacher after he iS concerned about your child's low reading level. His name is Jasper

    You learn he is Single, You and Jasper end up going on a date eventually, and you are instantly in love with this man. He loves your children too, which is a main priority of yours. Two years pass, and he asks you and your little family to move in with him. You accept. He has a 6 bedroom home, with a large kitchen, and 2 bathrooms. It is beautiful, and has a big garden. You are so happy your kids will get to live here now, and they will have a better life and childhood. He offers to pay for your two oldest children to attend swimming lessons, and another lesson of their choice. What does each child choose? soccer and ballet.

    After dating for 4 years, your children are 11, 9, and 5, Jasper asks you to marry him. You immidiately say yes. 2 years later, you are married.

    Describe your wedding:
    On a beach, writes it in the sand
    What is your dress like: White, greek goddess style
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________.

    Where do you get married?
    On a beach

    You decide to go on a honeymoon, and leave your children with your husband's best friend and his wife. What are their names?
    Noah and
    Allie, Anna, Blue, Brianna, Cara, Darla, Gulia, Karys, Paloma, Sarah, Yvonne

    When you come back, you are not exactly feeling the best, and your husband ends up taking your children to and from their activities. You decide you feel like you did when you were pregnant. You decide to take a home pregnancy test, and you are indeed pregnant. 4 months pregnant! Jasper is so glad to hear the news, even though the pregnancy was not planned. You two discuss names, and decide your children, ages 13, 11 and 7 are old enough to help choose a name. Your oldest likes Eric and James for a boy, Alana and Rebecca for a girl, the middle child likes Tyler and Ryder for a boy, Malia and Kate for a girl, and the youngest child likes Kendall and Will for a boy, Evelyn and Sarah for a girl. You and Jasper agree the names are all nice, and particularly like Eric and Kate, but only in the middle name spot. What name do you choose for the first name? And you choose the gender.

    Name: Malia Kate

    Three years later, you decide you are ready for another child, both you and Jasper want to expand your family. You find out soon that you are expecting after a checkup to the doctor's office. 9 months later, you welcome a baby boy, whom you choose to call:
    Zachary Aidan

    A year after you give birth to Zachary Aidan, your oldest child graduates high school. He was a very good and smart student, and had 2000 dollars in scholarships. You are very proud. Soon, Liam moves out and is off to his first year of college. Everything is going well at your house, all the kids are doing well in school, you get a new job as a secretary. You decide during your oldest's spring vacation, your family will take a vacation. You travel to:

    Your choice:

    You stay for a week, and everyone has a blast. You are glad your family had so much fun.
    Three years later, you learn your daughter is pregnant.

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