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    Actually, most of these names aren't really old-ladyish to me.
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    Ooh, I forgot about Maude. I don't think I could ever name a child this (although a serious faced little Maude would be the cutest), but if I ever get a cat that'll be what I name it!
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    I love Maude, I think it's beautiful, but my husband won't entertain the idea :-(

    I also love Hesper, but I think given my older two girls have somewhat more recognisable names, it might be a stretch too far when most people have never heard of it!

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    I really love Myrtle and don't think it's ugly at all.
    Gertrude, Beatrice and Harriet would be refreshing and cute on a baby.

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    Adelaide, Clementine, Mabel, Matilda, Olive, and Tabitha all strike me as a bit ugly-cute, but more on the cute side, in my opinion. I don't tend to find truly hideous names that cute!

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