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    Ugly-Cute Girl Names

    What names do you think are ugly-cute?

    Names that make you go 'blah', until you imagine it on a little girl? Names that you think are too harsh/frilly/dull/lispy/etc sounding, but that you still have a secret soft spot for? Names that for whatever reason you think are just too darn ugly, but you can't help coming back to them?

    I'll start;

    Myrtle (bit of a guilty pleasure of mine)
    Hester (I love this name, but I know a lot of people don't)
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    lol, I've never really understood the "it's so ugly it's cute" whole idea. If it's ugly, I don't think it's cute, lol.

    That being said, I love some names I think a lot of people (especially outside of Nameberry!) would think are ugly. Like:

    Meryl (I think I would swoon if I met a trio of sisters named Agnes, Edith, and Meryl! Especially with the French pronunciation of Agnes and Edith, I think they're fab)
    Olga (YES! I thought I was the only one who saw the appeal in this! I used to think it was hideous, but then I met a great Olga, this beautiful Russian American mom who adored her little girl, and I was like, "YES! That's why there are so many Russian Olgas!")
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    Mathilda is this name for me. It doesn't really appeal to me on its own - it seems so old-fashioned and clunky - but I know that I'd adore it on a little girl.

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    I just recently met a little freckled face girl named Murphy- I would never imagine naming my daughter Murphy but on her it was so cute! Ruth nickname Ruthie, Dorothy, and Patsy are some of my guilty pleasures that I know are ugly but think would be adorable on little girls.
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    Hilda. Hilda is ugly to me, but then one day I imagined a little preschooler named Hilda and just... <3 ! Now it is cute to me!

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