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    Sister for Aurelia Rose

    Aurelia” felt like a huge feat as my other post to this forum was how my husband liked Kimberly and I liked names like Xiomara and Casimira. But now that there's another baby on the way I'm wanting to kick myself!

    Hubs found reasons to love it and has made the name a hard act to follow! We originally heard it from Love Actually, which he thought made it a feminine and sweet choice– he hated that Xiomara and Casimira both had war-related meanings! LOL. He is a chemist/physicist/mathematician and watches the history channel like most men watch football. AU is the symbol for gold on the periodic table (aurum) and Aurelius was one of the great emperors of Rome. He plans to give our daughter golden roses for every birthday so abstract meanings like hope and prudence are out. And he's decided he loves alliteration, Kardashian style.

    He's narrowing the search a bit too much. And if we have a boy in the future we are firmly sold on a Romanian C-name so I feel like the A-thing will not appear to be done purposely.

    He loves Ariana Belle (A-name, means “silver” while Aurelia means "gold", silver bells given like golden roses….) but Ariana is more common than I like and he dislikes “airy” as a nn and I think it would be too difficult in the south to promote R-E-Ahna pronunciation. We have had SO much trouble with Arr-Eel-yah and Arr-ell-iah pronunciations of AuRAYlia that it’s ridic.

    Does anybody else want to play this horrid game with us? (: Bring non-A-names too because if one of the constraints has to go, that will probably be the one I vote off the island. I'm running out of ideas but I thought I'd consult name lovers for possible solutions before dashing the man's dreams.

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