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    Thoughts on Lyra?

    WDYT of Lyra? I've been crushing on it quite a bit lately, and I'm just curious what other people think. It was on my long list years ago, but I sort of fell out-of-love with it, and am loving it all over again.

    I'm honestly not a fan of the Greek mythology and His Dark Materials/The Golden Compass connections--I don't especially have anything against Greek mythology, but as a Christian, I feel sort of weird honoring stories about gods and goddesses I don't believe in. And while I've never read the Philip Pullman novels, I've heard that they portray Christianity in a negative light, and that's not something I especially would want to pass onto my children.

    Do you think those associations are overwhelmingly strong for Lyra? Honestly, half of its appeal to me is that it reminds me of the Biblical David, and how he played the lyre for the Lord, and it brings to mind images of a lonely shepherd playing music to his God while protecting his sheep from harm, not to mention all the beautiful psalms that are in the Bible. It's such a beautiful, pastoral, simple, humble image. And I like a lot that it relates to my faith, in an undertone sort of way.

    Anyway, thoughts? What would you pair Lyra with?
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    Yeah I love Lyra too. On our list for our baby girl for similar reasons. I really don't think the mythology link is that strong, maybe just because I'm not that into mythology? But yeah, Lyra is lovely.
    We're expecting a baby girl in September and our number 1 pick is Ivy, followed by Poppy, Lyra and Emmanuelle.
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    I LOVE Lyra! I have loved it since I read the Philip Pullman novels. I understand that you are a Christian, but if it's any consolation, Lyra is an lovely, honorable, strong person and I wouldn't mind having a character like her associated with my name (also, it seemed to me that love and acceptance were strong messages in the novel, and the negativity was more focused on a corrupt fictional church/ideology than Christianity as a whole; it did not feel like church-bashing to me, and though I'm not very religious now, I come from a very religious family).

    In regards to Greek mythology, there isn't really a figure "Lyra" in any myths - it is simply a lyre that belongs to someone, as David's belonged to him.

    If you love it, use it. If anyone asks you why you chose it, tell them exactly why. You will never be able to change other people's perceptions of name, you can only explain to them your own, and eventually they will begin to think of Lyra as your baby girl first, before other associations.

    As for middles:

    Lyra Marie
    Lyra Josephine
    Lyra Magdalene
    Lyra Evelyn
    Lyra Miriam
    Lyra Felicity
    Lyra Dominique
    Lyra Caroline
    Lyra Clementine

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    Lyra is a gorgeous name; it's been on my list for a while now. It's not in the top 1000, but seems nicely familiar. It's simple and interesting but not out of this world different. I love it for its star/musical associations. Personally I'd pair it with something classic and strong as a middle. I've always liked Lyra Victoria

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