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    Thoughts on Lyra?

    WDYT of Lyra? I've been crushing on it quite a bit lately, and I'm just curious what other people think. It was on my long list years ago, but I sort of fell out-of-love with it, and am loving it all over again.

    I'm honestly not a fan of the Greek mythology and His Dark Materials/The Golden Compass connections--I don't especially have anything against Greek mythology, but as a Christian, I feel sort of weird honoring stories about gods and goddesses I don't believe in. And while I've never read the Philip Pullman novels, I've heard that they portray Christianity in a negative light, and that's not something I especially would want to pass onto my children.

    Do you think those associations are overwhelmingly strong for Lyra? Honestly, half of its appeal to me is that it reminds me of the Biblical David, and how he played the lyre for the Lord, and it brings to mind images of a lonely shepherd playing music to his God while protecting his sheep from harm, not to mention all the beautiful psalms that are in the Bible. It's such a beautiful, pastoral, simple, humble image. And I like a lot that it relates to my faith, in an undertone sort of way.

    Anyway, thoughts? What would you pair Lyra with?
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