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Thread: Roland

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsweater View Post
    it always reminded me of the candy...Rolos.
    As rollo is my username and I live in Australia the lollies are not familiar to me, however, I suspect we pronounce it quite differently with my name ie rollo being said with a short 'o' as in rock at the the beginning and the last 'o' being said as 'oh', it is not said like the long 'o' as in roll. So can you please tell me how you say it?

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    Roland would be a fantastic name. Rollo is a sweet nickname as others have said. I would also suggest Rolly (rhymes with dolly) as another nn option.
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    1. Love it! It's very handsome.

    2. Ro or Lando for me, I think. I'd use the full name often I think.

    3. It makes me think of the song "Roland" by the band Interpol.
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