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Thread: Roland

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    So my paternal grandfather was named Roland. He died a few years back, and I've been thinking a lot about his name. Although that whole side of my family has mostly not been a part of my life (I was raised by my mother), I always remember him being exceptionally kind so it is something I would consider.

    1) What do you think of it?
    2) Any good nn ideas? Would you use a nn or just the full name?
    3) Any associations with it?

    There's a famous french legend with a Roland but I don't think it's widely known. (My father and his family are french.)
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    Oh, neuilly that would be a lovely name to use and especially as you have such wonderful memories of him. I think that rollo would make the perfect nn. I say use it I think it is a very distinguished, handsome and usable name that is familiar although we don't hear it much. An excellent choice.

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    The first thing came up to me was the character from Stephen King's Dark Tower series and the old poem about the legend of Roland the knight. It's a great name and your boy would love it after he read the novel. I can't think of a good nickname so I would use the full name.. There is also a Rylan/Ryland if you prefer to have a nickname, for example, Ry.

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    I actually knew a Roland. I think it's a wonderfully dashing name that brings to mind knights and chivalry. It's also great that there is a personal meaning. Ro or Roo would both be cute nns when he's young.
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    I love Roland, and the personal meaning it has for you makes it even more special. My associations with the name are the knight and the poet Roland Leighton, who was Vera Brittain's fiance. He was killed in the First World War and wrote some incredibly moving and beautiful poems.
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