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    I love the Theodora June combo but I find Theodora with Beatrix a little too simialr (Bee and Thee sounds). Ottilie and Ottoline are strangely similar to Eloise and Beatrix to my ears! I love these choices from your list with the older children's names.

    1 Rosamund (Rosamund Winter)
    2 Agatha (Agatha Charlotte)
    3 Guinevere (Guinevere Iris)
    4 Harriet (Harriet Maeve)
    5 Ramona (Ramona Kate)

    I don't care for these names...

    All the best,

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    Thank you for so much feedback! It's so helpful to have others input when brainstorming. I think I do prefer Ottoline rather than Ottilie. Ottilie seems a bit too similar to Eloise.

    Of my fn list my husband likes these the most:

    - Ottoline
    - Theodora
    - Agatha

    I still love:

    - Harriet (long time obsession of mine)
    - Guinevere
    - Rosamund
    - Ramona

    June Maxine was my grandmothers name, so I would like to use it if it fits. But none of the other children have family names, so it's not a must.

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    I think Rosamund and Harriet from your list go best with your existing children (who have beautiful names, by the way!) Of your husband's picks I think Theodora is the better option.

    I think Rosamund June and Harriet June both sound lovely.

    Maybe also

    Harriet Claire
    Harriet Lily
    Harriet Josephine
    Rosamund Elena
    Rosamund Sophia

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    I like Harriet Sutton with your existing children. Sutton, like Foster, feels a little surname-y and more modern to me, so I like that they have that connection. And Eloise, Beatrix, and Harriet sound like they would make great sister-heroines in a children's book.

    I kicked around Theodora, Ramona, Agatha, and Romilly as well when I was choosing my Beatrix's name, so I clearly also enjoy those choices. But Harriet just feels like it fits.
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