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    Theodora June is beautiful!

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    I like Harriet the most. I also think Meara and Penelope sound nice with your childrens names.
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    I can't get over how much I love Eloise and Beatrix together in the same sibset! I think Theodora would work best, but I also love Rosamund.
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    Eloise, Beatrix, and Foster is a gorgeous sibset! I love Harriet, Ramona, and Maxine--all beautiful, classic choices that nicely complement your other children's names. Rosamund would also work well.

    As far as other first names are concerned, I would suggest:

    Alice, Audrey, Camilla, Cecily, Charlotte, Clementine, Genevieve, Georgiana, Hazel, Isadora, Josephine, Juliet, Louisa, Lucille, Matilda, Penelope, Scarlett, Sylvie, Violet

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    Quote Originally Posted by caco2006 View Post
    Ive narrowed my list down a bit and was wanting middle name recommendations or other fn's along the same style. Our last name begins with R.

    Ottilie Maxine
    Ottoline June
    Harriet Maxine
    Harriet Sutton
    Guinevere Maxine
    Theodora June
    Rosamund (Rue)
    Ottilie Maxine - I'm not keen on Ottilie I like Ottoline but I find this name slightly off peak. However the name does work well with Maxine.

    Ottoline June - I love this choice, I like Ottoline is very spunky and the ending just works. June works beautifully with Ottoline.

    Harriet Maxine - Harriet is such a classy choice, she's grown on me so much. Yet I dislike with Maxine the two names have a strange flow.

    Harriet Sutton - I think Harriet is great obviously and I love Harriet with the boyish trendy Sutton. Great combination!

    Guinevere Maxine - Lovely combination Guinevere is very majestic and pretty. I also think Maxine works nicely with Guinevere! Good choice.
    Yet I wonder whether Guinevere is too long and looks out of place with Eloise, Beatrix and Foster.

    Theodora June - I adore Theodora she has this rural folk sounding charm. Theodora looks elegant and works lovingly with June. Great combination yet I do feel that Theodora is far too long for Eloise, Beatrix and Foster.

    Ramona - I'm unsure on Ramona sometimes I adore this choice I love her cheerfulness. On the other hand I dislike the 'Mona' part of the name as it reminds me of the unfavourable trait of moaning. I must prefer Romina. Which I think works with Eloise, Beatrix & Foster.

    Maxine - Isn't a favourite of mine. I think Maxine sounds slightly 90s. Not my thing.

    Agatha - She has a very vintage feel. I like the nickname Aggie as well, I also think Agatha works well with Eloise, Beatrix & Foster.

    Araminta - I love this choice, she feels very fresh and minty. Araminta is really sweet and spunky. Yet I don't think she works with Eloise, Beatrix & Foster the name just doesn't have the same feel. Their too different in style.

    Rosamund - I love this choice, she's so fresh and elegant. Very humble and sounds perfect with Eloise, Beatrix & Foster.

    Romilly - I dislike this choice, too me Romilly feels strange.

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