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    what is your initial reaction

    What is the first thought/emotion/reaction that these names elicit from you?


    I've gotten some great feedback so far, but I'm still working on narrowing down my list! Thanks for your reply.

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    Gianna - A very Italian name. Gia is a nickname. Not my fave.
    Lillian - Soft and feminine, but I also think of that Lillian Vernon catalog that comes in the mail. I prefer Lily.
    Shelby - Makes me think of hermit crabs. LOL! It sounds dated to me. I don't like it.
    Olivia - I think of the female cop on Law and Order: SVU and the pig from the Olivia picture books. It's an okay name, but fairly common.

    If I were ranking them in order:
    1. Lillian
    2. Olivia
    3. Gianna
    4. Shelby

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    Lillian and Olivia are such beautiful classics! Shelby is cute, but seems a bit dated. I am not a fan of Gianna.

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    Gianna - very Italian, would personally only use if I (or my SO) had Italian heritage.
    Lillian - classic, a bit old-lady, but that probably means that it is coming back around into being popular
    Shelby - tomboyish name
    Olivia - nice, but very popular these days

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    Gianna - as other berries have mentioned Gianna is beautiful, but very Italian sounding.
    Lillian - Beautiful, it's very stunning and has vintage charm!
    Shelby - Cute, I think of an outgoing, friendly girl
    Olivia - Gorgeous, but definitely very popular today, so you need to decide if popularity is important to you or not

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