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    Newest Name List

    So I was playing around with a few names I know DH likes/can tolerate. Opinions?

    Isaac Gawain
    Marcus Drake/Anton
    James Thorbjørn/Arthur
    Simon Tate/Gareth/William
    Isaiah Chad

    Blaire Hyacinth
    Lilith Summer/Olwen
    Milena Roisin
    Elizabeth Hilja
    Delilah Jane

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    Isaac Gawain & James Arthur are so handsome and classic.

    I like Elizabeth Hilja and Delilah Jane from your girls list.
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    Thanks! My sister decided to drop the fact that she loves Elizabeth tonight which totally bummed me out and she's the exact kind of person who would say I "stole" "her" name despite the fact that my own middle name is Elizabeth. Although to be fair hers is Elyse so they're pretty much the same thing.

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