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    Need names for my fictional twin girls.

    The story takes place in modern time in New York. The twins are from a classy and rich family that owns a large condo in Manhattan. I was planning to give the twins each timeless, classic names with an air of elegance and I was hoping to have them start with the same letter, but be distinct enough to tell them apart. I had some ideas starting with C: Caroline, Charlotte, Catherine, and Christina. Any letter could work though.
    Twin #1 is mature and serious when she has to be. She is adventurous and fun and outgoing on her own time. She has thin light brown hair that goes a little past her shoulders. She has a light tan and is about 5'5". She has hazel eyes and is also on the skinny side.
    Twin #2 is more shy and quiet than twin #1 but she speaks her mind when she feels it is necessary. She knows what she wants and she will go after it. She has darker hair than twin #1 and it goes down about waist length, though it is usually braided. She has thicker hair than her sister. She has light brown eyes and she also has a light tan. She is a little taller than her sister, around 5'8". She is also on the skinny side.
    Both twins are 17 years old and very independent. They are also dreamers, though twin #2 hides this more than twin #1 does.
    Sorry for the long post, any help naming my characters would be greatly appreciated.

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    I do like Christina and Charlotte! I'll list a few combo possibilities - the first will be for twin one and the second for twin two, though you can switch them around, of course.

    Elizabeth and Eleanor
    Anna and Alice
    Emma and Eve
    Julia and Jane
    Frances and Florence
    Lucy and Laura
    Madeline and Margaret
    Rose and Ruth
    Sophia and Susannah
    Virginia and Victoria
    Lydia and Louisa
    Celia and Clara
    Harriet and Helen
    Violet and Vivian
    Abigail and Amelia
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    My first thought was Cassandra and Catherine, nicknames Cassie and Kitty.
    A few more ideas:
    Lucia and Lilliana
    Marcella and Margaret
    Allegra and Annabel
    Imogen and Esme
    Jane and Rose
    Emilia and Elise
    Clara and Georgiana
    Genevieve and Valentina
    Rosalind and Romola

    Some of these are matchy and some of them really aren't. Hope you find a name that works!

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    Well, since twin #1 sounds creepishly like me (I'm 18, 5'5", thin/skinny, thin light brown hair to my shoulders, hazel eyes, mature/adventurous), I'd recommend Cecilia. It's serious and classic when it has to be, but fun loving and whimsical the rest of the time.

    For twin #2, I'd go with something a bit more uncommon. So maybe Camille, Calliope, Cherish, Chastity, Corinne, Coraline, Cosette.

    My favorite combo is Cecilia and Corinne (Core-een).
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    Cassandra, definitely, (if your going with the letter C), for # 1

    C names for # 2

    N names for your twins:


    D names for your twins:



    (I don't think that most of these qualify as 'classic with an air of elegance', but it's my best effort for your criteria, so whatever
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