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Thread: twin girls

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    How wonderful - your wanting to provide the girls with a better life, your gift to the adoptive parents, and the new parents having you chose the twins' names.

    I think all of your name choices are lovely and classic names. You've got great taste.

    I don't know if you are worried about the flow of the first and middle names. After all, people so rarely use their middle names! But if you are, you might want to avoid the first names ending in "-a", and to chose shorter first names to go with those longer middles.

    Lila Theodora (I'm not sure as my middle name is Lilliana) - I think tying your name to one of the girls is sweet. But if you want to avoid the double "-a", maybe Lily? It's much more popular though...

    Julia Cecelia - Julia is a great name. BUT it's a little rhyme-y with Cecelia (if you care about flow). What about Juno?

    Iris Theodora - Very pretty, lovely flow...

    Rosa Cecelia - Rosa's a pretty name, but (if you care about flow), there's the double "-a" thing - what about Rose or Rosalie?

    Inez Theodora - Gorgeous!

    Leonie Cecelia - Leonie's a nice name, but (if you care about flow), it's three syllables so the whole name feels a bit long...?

    Elisa Theodora - Elisa is a pretty, timeless, classic name, but (if you care about flow), there's the double "-a" thing - what about Elise, maybe even Elodie?

    June Cecelia - Nice combination

    India Theodora - I'm Indian, and so, I really, truly don't like India as a name.

    Tessa Cecelia - I adore Tessa name, but (if you care about flow), there's the double "-a" thing - what about Tess?

    Mila Theodora - I really like this combination, in spite of the double "-a", I still think it works somehow.

    Of your choices, I like June Cecelia and Iris Theodora the most.

    Someone else suggested Hazel, Alice, and Agnes, which would work well with the middles and seem to fit in with the other names you chose. Ruby also seems to fit, but you might be British/European (based on the way you spelled favourite) so you might not want to use it because of popularity. Maybe Esme, Eve, Maisie Maren/Maris, Pearl.
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    I think Lila Cecilia and Rosa Theadora sounds gorgeous as a combo. I also like India and Leonie together.
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    thanks girls! your suggestion are so useful! Some of you suggest Alice, which is a beutiful name! Alice Theodora sounds so cute!

    I've been thinking a lot about the name Lillian/Lila/Lilly and I'm sure I don't want to use it, I think it may sound a little narcisit to name one of the girls after me. Of course Ingrid is out the list too (even if I think is a beautiful name).

    I do love Ana/Anna Cecelia! I think is so classy! Anna is extremely timeless, I really like it.

    So, I haven't delate any names from the list (except Lila), but I have added: Anna/Ana Cecelia, Anja Cecelia (I think that Anja and Mila could be a great sibset) Alice Theodora, Agnes Theodora and Greta Cecelia.

    Apart from that, which spelling you prefer Ana or Anna? And, could you please suggest some name to match with Ana/Anna? I'm afraid Anna is too common, and the rest of the names in my list are too out there.

    BY the way, the babies due date is in three weeks or less! I am SO anxious!

    Thanks again! I love reading your comments! I'm glad you think I'm brave and not a coward that is running away from their own daugthers. I would love to raise the babies, but I can't do it, and I don't want my kids to have a horrible mom, or worst a horrible chilhood without a family. I just would like to know, what the girls will think in 15 years, but I guess that is impossible, I hope they can understand me. I just want their hapiness, and I know that their adoptive family is FANTASTIC.


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    I love Greta and Alice!
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    I pronounce Ana and Anna differently. Anna has a short "a" sound, like "man." Ana has an long "ah" sound, like "mall." Personally, with two middle names ending in -a, I wouldn't choose first names ending in -a. I do agree that Anya and Mila make a cute sister set, but maybe with middle names like Anya Juliet and Mila Caroline.

    What about something sweet like Maisie Theodora and Violet Cecelia? Maisie and Violet have the same number of letters, if that means anything to you.

    If you're after something a little more hipster, like Mila, what about Hazel, Iris, Ivy, Olive, Piper, Romy, Ruby, Scarlett, or Violet? Yes, some of these have come up before. A pairing like Piper Cecelia and Romy Theodora is a little more modern, whereas Scarlett Theodora and Olive Cecelia (Lettie and Livy?) is a little mixed, and Hazel Theodora and Ivy Cecelia are more vintage.

    If the girls are to be born in July, you might consider gaining naming inspiration from their birth month. Their birth stone is Ruby, and one of their birth flowers is Water Lily (the other is Larkspur - harder to work around). While Lily is off the table, Ruby and Lilith make for a creative and meaningful set - Ruby Theodora and Lilith Cecelia are pretty together - they could always go by Bee and Lil, which is cute!
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