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Thread: twin girls

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I agree with the others--what a wonderful gift you are giving for your daughters, and how nice was it for the adoptive parents to let you choose their names! From what I've heard, that's not at all very common. And you have wonderful taste in names! I like Julia, Lila, Iris, Leonie, Elisa, and Tess(a). I prefer just Tess to Tessa, but Tessa is lovely, too. I think Julia and Lila, Julia and Iris, Leonie and Tessa, and Julia and Elisa would make lovely pairings. I think Julia and Lila are my favorites, though. Good luck!
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    Congratulations, and how brave of you to make this difficult choice! I'm sure your little girls will be well-loved and cherished by their new parents.

    As Cecelia and Theodora are long and classic, I'd stay in a similar style for the first names, with shorter names, no more than two syllables. I also wouldn't have them end in -a, just so you don't end up with an overly melodic combination.

    Some I like:

    Alice Theodora
    Evie Theodora
    Iris Theodora
    Agnes Theodora
    Hazel Theodora
    Lucy Theodora

    Ruby Cecelia
    Ivy Cecelia
    Mabel Cecelia
    Phoebe Cecelia
    Adele Cecelia
    Charlotte Cecelia

    My favorite pairs are:
    Lucy Theodora and Charlotte Cecelia - Lucy and Charlotte are the most commonplace, but they are still so charming and sweet.
    Iris Theodore and Phoebe Cecelia - Phoebe and Iris fit together very well as sisters.
    Evie Theodore and Adele Cecelia - Evie and Adele feel quirky, vintage, and a little Brit-hip.
    Alice Theodora and Ruby Cecelia - Alice and Ruby are feminine and dainty and playful.
    Agnes Theodora and Mabel Cecelia - Agnes and Mabel, or Aggie and Mae, are perhaps the most vintage, and most suited to Theodora/Cecelia.
    Hazel Theodora and Ivy Cecelia - Love this! Hazel and Ivy are the most themed, but also very nice with the middle names.

    Good luck!

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    Tessa and Iris
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    I love Iris and Mila! Just a suggestions here.....I love Ingrid. How about other names that have the same European feel. That would give them a lasting connection to you. How about:


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    Iris Theodora and June Cecelia would be lovely for twin girls! Good luck to you!
    All the best,

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