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Thread: twin girls

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    Apr 2013
    You're giving a beautiful gift, and you have beautiful taste. These are some lucky girls.

    Iris and Rosa are my favorites. I think Iris Theodora and Rosa Cecelia are a fantastic pair.

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    Thanks girls! It's great to read all your beuatiful words, full of love and energy!

    rkrd: Thank you! I can't raise two kids, it's impossible, and I'm sure they deserve something much better than someone who can't give them everything they need. Iris and Rosa are my favourite names too!

    Beau: Thank you!

    kellymarie1992: I'm not sure about Lilliana, as it's my middle name (my complete name is Ingird Lilliana May). I think that when she becames a teenager she will hate to share her name with me. But Emmeline is lovey! Thank you!

    tct1219: thanks for your words and your opinion!

    Thanks again girls!

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    hanks brigid16! I love Rosa and Iris too!

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    Also, should you want the tie-in to your middle name, Lila Theodora and Ana Cecelia (or Anna Cecelia) would be a lovely combination.
    You're giving a gift. I can't imagine they'd hate a tie to you.

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    I love Iris Theodora!!!

    I also like June Cecelia.

    I think that would make a cute sibset.

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