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    twin girls

    Hello! I'm Ingrid, and I'm new on NB. I am 19 years olds, and I'm expecting twin girls, which is a great new. I can't raise two kids rigth now, so the girls will be raised by an adoptive family. It was a hard decision, but I think it's the best choice for me and the babies.

    I won't be able to see the babies once they are born, which I think it's the best. Anyway, last week the adoptive family told me I could chose the babies first name. They want their middle names to honour some relatives and they've chose: Cecelia and Theodora.

    I'm surprised that they let me chose the babies first name, I want to chose two wonderful namse because I think it's an important decision, as it's the only thing I will give to the babies. I've made a list:

    Lila Theodora (I'm not sure as my middle name is Lilliana)
    Julia Cecelia
    Iris Theodora
    Rosa Cecelia
    Inez Theodora
    Leonie Cecelia
    Elisa Theodora
    June Cecelia
    India Theodora
    Tessa Cecelia
    Mila Theodora

    Could you help me? which is your favourite of the list? Feel free to add any other suggestion.

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