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    I worry that women are putting undue pressure on themselves and looking for signs where they don't exist, just so they can tout that they're "in tune with their bodies."
    Excellent point Yellow, I totally agree! We tend to compete over everything so why not throw that into the mix too! ;-)

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    I am such an impatient stressed out type of person in general. More so anxious. So its hard for to just relax which I need to work on. I also think reading things on websites does not help the situation and I should almost act like we are not trying. Its just a tough thing to do. We will have an answer this week and see what happens from there! Plus vacation is coming up this weekend as well for us which means ZERO stress and lots of fun
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    Not at all. I was peeing on a stick just to get it over with, see the BFN, be sad, move on. My BBT that morning was even low. Right below cover line. I was SHOCKED to see a second line. I even said "Is that...?" out loud as it was forming. And "It's a line! It's a line! It's there!" While crying and laughing and freaking out. I felt like I was dreaming.

    So short answer to your question: no. :-)

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    I was trying to get pregnant, I'm young & healthy, I never had scares before because I was incredibly strict about using birth control from the very beginning of my sex life, I basically had no reason to think it would be very easy or very difficult to get pregnant...I knew right away and felt different very very soon into pregnancy. It could be argued that it was all in my head of course. I think I am a very hormonal person. I had trouble taking the birth control pill because I reacted to it so severely on an emotional level. I think I react in extreme ways to hormonal fluctuations. This is just a theory of course, I've never spoken to a doctor about it. But maybe this is why I detected a change so early on. Maybe the other women who feel the same way are hormonally sensitive as well?

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