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    The waiting game is not fun. I just have this weird feeling I am not. Granite I am suppose to get my period next week so ill really have answer. Plus it hasn't even been a week since we tried. Tomorrow will make it a week but I just don't feel like it worked. I feel like I just have normal symptoms I get before the time of the month. Which is almost frustrating. I figured it happens so quickly for other 23-24 year olds why wouldn't it for me?

    I appreciate the feedback and you berries sharing your stories/journeys
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    Quote Originally Posted by scarlett13001 View Post
    I figured it happens so quickly for other 23-24 year olds why wouldn't it for me?
    Because everyone's reproductive system is different, that's why

    Dunno how long you've been TTC, but from what I can tell (as I've never TTC) the "two week wait" can be agonizing for many. But in the end, it's only two weeks. Don't set yourself up for "waiting" stress your whole pregnancy - there are plenty of medical milestones along the way and you'll drive yourself crazy by over-analyzing in anticipation of what's coming next. You'll see/hear the heartbeat at 6-8 weeks, then worry about it stopping, the possibility of a missed miscarriage, etc. (this is what I'm trying not to stress over currently). Even the wait between ultrasounds can end up being stressful, and that is MUCH much longer.

    Try to relax. It's good for the babe.
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    I was 23 when I got pregnant, and it took 4 months. Every month I wasn't pregnant, I totally felt pregnant and had all these crazy symptoms but when I was actually pregnant, I didn't feel anything. I actually waited a week after my period was late to test because I kept thinking "there is no way I am pregnant, these are obviously PMS symptoms." So, no I didn't have a gut feeling.
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    Whenever I have felt like, "there is no way on earth I might be pregnant," well, then I am! When I have felt like I definitely was, I never turned out to be! Just in my experience!
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    Well, firstly, as others have said, you don't get pregnant right away after having sex. It's a week or so before the egg implants into your uterus and you aren't "pregnant" until that happens. I think many women who are trying to conceive sometimes talk themselves into thinking they're pregnant when they're not. You might feel like you're experiencing pregnancy symptoms, but, unfortunately, sometimes it's all in your head! That's happened to me, too. Honestly, many women don't experience any pregnancy symptoms until after their missed period. For you, at one week past ovulation, you won't feel anything. Your body will feel normal. Pregnancy symptoms usually don't kick in until about six weeks. Also, just because you're 23 (or 24) doesn't mean it'll happen straight away. I've heard the average amount of time couples try before getting pregnant with their first baby is seven months. So, anything less than that and you're one of the lucky ones!
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