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    Relating to my other thread....did you have a gut feeling you were pregnant?

    With my previous thread I feel like the berries were super helpful! I am now wondering if you knew you were pregnant after doing the deed we shall say. Was there a maternal instinct inside you that let you know before taking a test? For example my friend said right after she and her husband tried she knew she was pregnant right away before even taking a test. Then of course she took the test and now she has a little boy.

    Thank you berries for being so helpful!
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    Well, we weren't trying, which I'm sure STRONGLY influences that 'instinct.' If you want to be pregnant, you'll be more likely to believe that you are!

    Though I did end up taking the pregnancy test (then two more...) instead of just continuing to wait out what I suspected was just an abnormally long cycle, so there had to be something going on to inspire that.

    My symptoms didn't kick in until days later, when I was about 4.5 weeks along (2.5 weeks gestation).

    Re: your friend, conception doesn't happen "right away" (though I supposed that depends on your definition of "right away"). It's possible she was clued in and noticed a shift within a day or two, but right after BD? More likely it just felt "right" to her and she liked the idea -- and as luck had it, she was right, but she wouldn't find that out until at least two weeks after conception.
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    I always thought I was, but that wasn't always the case.

    Meaning, before taking the test. Not after 'doing the deed'- how could you possibly know?! Especially if you're 'doing it' multiple times during your ovulation window, how could you pick which 'time' is the 'time' to feel that after?

    With my first, I knew something was off with my body, and my gut reaction was right. With my second, my husband predicted it based on my emotions and fatigue. After that there were many times where I thought I was but I wasn't right, and there were times I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was when I wasn't so sure.

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    Definitely not immediately, I don't think that's possible.

    I did have a pretty strong feeling before testing, but that was close to two weeks later and more actual symptoms (I knew I was either pregnant or something was wrong) than any sort of hunch.
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    Well, considering you don't actually get preggo right away, I don't see how that's possible. But feeling like you picked the right time and that this is going to be your lucky month? Sure, absolutely! I got a gut feeling I was preggo about a week later when we went out to celebrate our anniversary and I kept knocking things over. In a very fancy restaurant. It was super embarrassing and not at all like me so I wondered if something was up. Plus i had the ovary twinges people talk about... something just felt different I guess. Then when I got spotting instead of my normal, heavy AF, I tested and it was positive!

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