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    With my first pregnancy, my cycles had been somewhat irregular; the month before I got a bfp my period was 10 days late! I also wasn't feeling that flash, so I think i had a virus of some kind that delayed things. BUT, because I'd been late, I left it until I was at least 1 whole week late the next month to test, since I wasn't 100% sure on when AF would arrive.
    The day before I planned to test I had a strange sensation across the front of my uterus and my brain straight away though -- I bet that test will be positive in the morning. It was.

    The second time around we'd been trying for a few months and a couple of times I'd sort of convinced myself that I was, when I turned out not to be. I think I was only 1, maybe 2 days late when I tested for this current pregnancy. The day before I tested I had a weird tingly boob feeling and again thought - oh I guess i'm actually pregnant this time! And a couple of days before that, I was at the shops on my own (unusually, since I usually have the toddler in tow!) just wandering around aimlessly and remember thinking, "how odd that i'm the only one thats knows i'm pregnant, you couldn't tell from looking at me right now", I remember thinking it, then thinking, thats an odd thing to think.
    So I guess, yeah, before I tested I felt that I already "knew" that I was. But definitely not immediately after "BDing"!
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    Scarlett, didn't you just get off birth control? It takes a while for your body to adjust to that. My sister got pregnant six months after she went off the pill, and her doctor said that was pretty normal. Besides, in your other thread you said you only had sex one time during your ovulation period, get a bit more active between the sheets or on the kitchen counter and see what happens.
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    I think it's easy to rationalise things with science and all the information we have available these days but sometimes there are things that can't be explained....I knew immediately after doing the "deed" with two of my pregnancies that i had just gotten pregnant. Dont ask me how- it was just the immediate thought which popped into my head- "oh i just got pregnant." Logically I know that doesn't make sense (especially as I ovulated two days after in this pregnancy's case) - neither time were we actively trying so it wasn't on my radar.
    I have also always experienced symptoms before a positive result too, even though someone on here said that's not possible- my sense of smell always increases dramatically.
    Women's bodies and their relationship to them are remarkable and don't always do what they're "supposed" to!
    The trying and waiting can be excruciating, try and enjoy the journey, it will almost certainly end with a babe in your arms at some point (I don't say this lightly having watched many friends go through difficult fertility journeys but all ending up with children) Good luck x

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    I definitely had a weird, general feeling that something was up with both pregnancies - no specific symptoms, but just feeling a little off somehow. But that wasn't until around a month after conception. As others have said, I think many people think they feel something special when they first start trying to conceive, just because they're hyper-sensitive to every twinge or bodily sensation in a way they weren't previously, and well, sometimes they're right, so they attribute the change to the pregnancy. But sometimes they're wrong.

    Anyway, I agree with ottilie that having frequent sex is the best way to maximize your chances of getting pregnant quickly. Charting your cycles can definitely help, but since even the stress/excitement of knowing you are trying to get pregnant can mess with ovulation, your best bet is to be having sex 3-4 times every week rather than just trying to time things around ovulation.

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    I knew right away before taking a test, my sense of smell was stronger, my stomach was hard, and everything I ate or drank tasted different. I had missed a pill one day, took it again for a couple days and then missed another day and bam I was pregnant.

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