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    I'm a Philippa and do love the name. I hope it becomes more popular as I definitely ran into major mispronunciation issues growing up and was not at all fond of the nn Phil which I had for a while in High School. Luckily Pippa should become the norm now! That said I don't use a nn. I'm a Philippa Anne which sounds good but I always found the Anne a bit boring, it seems like every other girl has the middle name Anne. Other ideas:
    Philippa Shay
    Philippa Bryn
    Philippa Jane
    Philippa Lara
    Philippa Helena
    Philippa Ella
    Philippa Palmer
    Philippa Charlotte
    Philippa Antonia

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    Philippa Ruby- Love this!!! I think it sounds really elegant. And Ruby actually has meaning for me as well.
    I think Philippa Ruby is a lovely name!
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    I love it. The only reason I wont use it however, it because I dont like the nickname Pippa after all the media attention about Pippa Middleton's back side LOL!

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    Love the name so much, but my husband completely spoilt it for me with one word rhyming with Philippa in I can't get it out of my head, but that shouldn't be a problem in an English speaking country!

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