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    What do you think of the name Cindy? Love, hate, think it's just ok? :)

    Today my four-year old daughter asked if we could call the baby (on the way) Cindy. lol. I think it's kind of cute, and there surely wouldn't be many others her age with the name! But I'm still not sold. I don't really care for Cynthia although I do really like the name Lucinda. My husband keeps shooting that one down though. I haven't asked him about just Cindy yet. So I thought I'd see what you wise people think!

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    I like Cindy a lot, I just wish I liked the longer versions of it.

    Cynthia is eh, I knew a really depressed girl named Cynthia in middle/highschool, who was a great friend, but I get a sad air.
    Lucinda is too old-fashioned and heavy for my liking.

    There's Hyacinth perhaps? I'm not a fan of it though. I really wish Cinderella wasn't such a fairytale princess name, I like so many aspects of that name.

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    It's NMS. We would have probably named our daughter Cynthia except I didn't like the nn Cindy at all. I do love Lucinda.
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    I love Lucinda and Cindy is a cute nn for a little girl but not an adult name.
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    I love Lucinda Williams' music, so that name works for me. Cynthia is unpleasant. Cindy seems dated, and Brady Bunch'y, but your daughter will probably come up with more name ideas, so maybe she wouldn't be too disappointed if you chose something else.

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