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  • Miller Ezra Wilde

    14 45.16%
  • Miller alistair James

    4 12.90%
  • Miller Theron Cruz

    2 6.45%
  • Archer Thomas west

    14 45.16%
  • Archer James rafferty

    9 29.03%
  • Archer Harrison jack

    6 19.35%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Miller vs Archer

    Trying to decide between miller and archer. Baby is due in 4 weeks and I don't have the patience to argue with my hubby over it any longer.
    Last name sounds like lanin

    Combos are -
    Miller Theron Cruz
    Miller Ezra Wilde
    Miller Alastair James

    Archer Thomas west
    Archer James rafferty
    Archer Harrison jack

    Any suggestions on other middle names are welcome!
    We typically like uncommon names, buy easy to spell and say.

    Thank you!
    Welcomed T January 2012
    And M July 2013

    Expecting another little mover May 2015

    Will it be -

    Zara, Catalina, Zinnia, Adara, Amarylla, Illyria or Eve


    Bodhi, Tadhg, Teague, Rafferty, Tavish, Reeve or Zephyr

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    grecianern Guest
    I love both names. Miller is the family name of my husband's mother, and Archer is just a favorite.

    I loved for Miller Ezra Wilde... I just loved how all the names sounded together. Good luck. Any of these names will be outstanding!

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    ♧ mama to finnegan alexander [11.29.15] ♧
    ♧ a wee one due [08.03.17] ♧
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    Archer Thomas West flows best in my opinion, also love the names

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