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    Pretty, different ways to honor Elizabeth

    Hi Berries!

    I am looking for possible ways to honor my grandmother Elizabeth in the naming of a future daughter. My middle name is also Elizabeth.

    My husband and I don't want to use the full name, as we have too many other, complicated Elizabeth's in our lives. :-)

    I like Eliza but find it a bit too popular. Obviously, the same goes for all of the "Ella" variations.

    Would love to hear your thoughts!


    Mama to the magical Susanna Lake

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    Elsa is my favorite! I also love Elisabeth/Elizabeth nn Betsy or Bess. Or maybe Elise as a mn?

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    I think Elise would be gorgeous if you are not on board with Eliza.

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    I like Beth...

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    Off the top of my head...


    Have you looked through the Elizabeth's International Variations list?
    ~ Catholic. College. Communicative Disorders. ~
    (updated 11/3/15)
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