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    Adair or Valen...? Adair sounds really handsome and cool.
    Elena or Lena...? Elena is a lovely classic pronounced eh-LAY-nuh
    Alma or Etta...? Etta I adore this choice, I love the associations with Etta James. Etta is gorgeous.
    Bridget or Nora...? Bridget I'm not a fan of Nora whatsoever whereas Bridget is a elegant choice with an Irish flair.
    Delia or Della...? Delia sounds very vibrant and sweet.
    Hazel or Regina...? I dislike both choices for me Hazel reminds me of hazelnuts and Regina feels unattractive. My favourite is Hazel.
    Sylvia or Dorothy...? My favourite is Dorothy! I adore this choice she's really elegant and sweet. But Sylvia is also lovely.
    Ramona or Eleanor or Eleanora...? My favourite is Eleanor such a sophisticated choice. Eleanor has a very beautiful feel.
    Magdalia or Magdala or Magdalen or Magdalena...? Magdalena is my favourite she has a prettier sound then the rest
    Belen or Salma...? I'm not keen on either choice but I prefer Salma.

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    Elena with nn Lena
    Etta but Alma is sweet too
    Nora but I do love Bridget as well
    Salma - though I would strongly prefer Selma

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    Adair or Valen?
    Elena or Lena?
    Alma or Etta?
    Bridget or Nora(h)?
    Delia or Della?
    Hazel or Regina?
    Sylvia or Dororthy? I'm voting for it assuming it's a typo for Dorothy
    Ramona or Eleanor or Eleanora?
    Magdalia or Magdala or Magdalen or Magdalena???????
    Belen or Salma?
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    Adair or Valen? Adair, but it doesn't really seem like a feminine name to me. Valen doesn't seem like a name at all.
    Elena or Lena? Lena, but it seems like more of a nickname to me.
    Alma or Etta? Etta, I just prefer it.
    Bridget or Nora(h)? I like both equally. I prefer Norah for a full name and Nora makes sense if it's a nickname.
    Delia or Della? Della, I just prefer it.
    Hazel or Regina? Hazel, the name Regina looks too much like the word for a female body part.
    Sylvia or Dororthy? I think you mean Dorothy. I like it a lot, but I do live in Kansas.
    Ramona or Eleanor or Eleanora? I like both equally. I prefer Eleanor to Eleanora. You can use the nickname Nora either way.
    Magdalia or Magdala or Magdalen or Magdalena??????? Magdalena, I know a little girl called Lena and this is her full name.
    Belen or Salma? Salma, I'm just not familiar with Belen. It doesn't sound like a name to me.

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