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    Malcolm or Malachy? - Definitely Malcolm!!
    Linus or Silas? - Too hard to choose. I love them equally. My daughter's name is Sylvia, so I can't use Silas and Linus is in my top 2 for my boy due in August.
    Vincent or Evander? - Vincent
    Ozias or Ossian (pronounce o-sheen) ? - Neither
    Ignatius or Cosmas? - Ignatius
    Valen or Valente ( VAL-EN-TAY)? - Valen
    Pryor/Prior or Peter ? - Peter
    Abram or Remi/Remy? - Abram
    Desmond or Sullivan? - Desmond (This was on my short list.)
    Lawrence or Lawson? - Lawrence
    Luther or Lewis? - Lewis, but I love both!
    Roman or Mercer? Roman
    Felipe or Matvey? - Eh, neither
    Mom to Sylvia Caron and Linus Roman

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