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    Question This or that! Help me sort through my (somewhat unique) list!

    Just trying to sort through some new suggestions I have recieved and new names I had added!

    Just a simple this or that! If you want to add comments/opinions I would love it! Thanks!

    Malcolm or Malachy?
    Linus or Silas?
    Vincent or Evander?
    Ozias or Ossian (pronounce o-sheen) ?
    Ignatius or Cosmas?
    Valen or Valente ( VAL-EN-TAY)?
    Pryor/Prior or Peter ?
    Abram or Remi/Remy?
    Desmond or Sullivan?
    Lawrence or Lawson?
    Luther or Lewis?
    Roman or Mercer?
    Felipe or Matvey?

    Thanks so much! I REALLY appreciate any replies!
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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