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    Second Son Needs a Name

    My husband and I easily agreed on our first son's name. For our second boy, due soon, we cannot seem to make a decision. Here are the options. Please let me know what you think.

    Archer (Archie)
    Augustine (Auggie/Gus)
    Francis (Frank)
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    Apart from the classics (Matthew, James, Andrew, Joshua, William, Daniel, Thomas, Samuel, Jack, et al), perhaps Franklin, Zacharias, Felix, Otis, Silas, Westley, Alpheus, Ephraim, Moses, Caleb, or Spencer.

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    Out of your choices...Archer! Love that name, and Archie is a cute nickname!
    Next I would say Emmit it Augustine.
    Names I think of when I read yours are:
    Asher, Sebastian, William, Davis, and Aldo or Aalto. Not sure why though...
    Just pick the name that matches best with boy number 1'a name!

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    What's your other child's name? What sounds does you surname begin and end with? How many syllables does your surname have? From your options, my tops are Archer and Augustine. Archer is a great way to get to Archie without the somewhat pretentious Archibald. Augustine is a nice, classic name, although I'm not a fan of Gus.
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    I like Archer, Gus, and Emmett.

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