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    i'll say i like silas, evander, & sullivan.
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    Malcolm or Malachy? Malachy... However, I would spell it Malachi. Love the name meaning on this one..."Messenger of God" Also..Great nickname of "Kai" or "Ky"
    Linus or Silas? Hmm, I a tough one. Silas is my choice.
    Vincent or Evander? I prefer, Evander. Also great nickname potential..."Van" or "Anders" or "Evan"
    Ozias or Ossian (pronounce o-sheen) ? Ozias
    Ignatius or Cosmas? "Ignatius. (Note...a common nickname is Nacho.) Not a fan of Cosmas at all.
    Valen or Valente ( VAL-EN-TAY)? Valen.
    Pryor/Prior or Peter ? Peter.
    Abram or Remi/Remy? Remi....but full name Remington. Remy to me is just a nickname.
    Desmond or Sullivan? Sullivan. But avoid nickname Sully. If must nickname...use "Van" or "Sul"
    Lawrence or Lawson? Lawson. Lawrence...automatically becomes Larry...yuck. Law is a cute nickname for Lawson or Lawrence I suppose.
    Luther or Lewis? Oh! Tough one! I love both names..however, I would say Luther!
    Roman or Mercer? Roman.
    Felipe or Matvey? Matyey.

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