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Thread: Caspian....

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    Hubby and I both love the name Caspian but my brother's son is called Caspar........ Would cousins that are Caspian and Caspar just be a bit silly??? Or am I over thinking things??

    Many thanks
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    Have you talked to your brother at all about what he thinks? Or are you trying to keep the name a surprise? I do not see why you couldn't. They just have the first three letters which are the same and the Cass sound. But Caspar and Caspian I feel are totally different. Basically me, my two sisters and majority of my girl cousins on my fathers side all have the same ending sound (AH) and letter (A) in our names and I never thought twice about it as a bad thing. Some of my cousins even have the same middles (Nicole) because their parents wanted to honor my grandfather (Nicholas). We just talk about how funny it is now. Makes us all closer. JMO though.
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    2nd pp. I would ask your brother and his partner what they think of it. But ultimately they are 2 different names, so it shouldn't be a problem.
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    How often will the cousins see each other? If you live across the country and see each other at Christmas and Easter, then I'd say go for it. If they live down the street and will have the same circle of friends, maybe not. I went to school with cousins Megan and Meghan [same last name], though, and it wasn't a big deal. They were even in the same grade.
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    I have mentioned it my sister in law and she doesn't have a problem at all - she has cousins that have the same name and no biggie.

    The cousins would see each other quite a fair bit.

    Hmmm - I guess the more I think about the names - they do have a different feel.

    Thank you all.

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