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    i guess it's similar to how i pronounce elizabeth. i dont use a hard "e" on either name.

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    Well, snap. I find it extremely tough to translate my pronunciation onto paper (or the internet ), keeping it true to sound while still making it understandable. Still working on that! After more consideration, I pronounce both names with an "eh" rather than a hard e, but I just asked a friend her opinion and apparently she pronounces both with more of an "ah" sound. So it's really personal preference... if it sounds perfectly fine to you and you truly love it, then use it!

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    I love Elora Holiday! So fun and spunky, plus it's a family name! Definitely a top contender for me.

    I also love the flow of Elora Sophia, but Sophia is way too trendy right now.

    Elora Ivy, Elora Juliet, and Elora Josephine are also all great combos.

    I'd stay clear of Elora Elizabeth/Elisabeth, however. Too many similar sounds and quite the mouthful. same for Elora Lydia.

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    Elora Sophia - I don't like that they both end in -a.
    Elora Joline - This is pretty, but seems a little made up to fit the trend.
    Elora Josephine - This is a nice combo.
    Elora Ivy - Also nice.
    Elora Nepenthe (na-pen-they..special meaning) - I've never encountered this name before, so it seems kind of strange. If it has special meaning to you, though, go for it.
    Elora Elizabeth (no one like this? name) - I do like this one! I think people steer clear of it because it can be a filler, but I personally think it's classic and beautiful. Also, some people don't like alliteration in names, but I think it sounds fine here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elisabeth rae View Post
    I love Elora Holiday because Holiday is a family name. What a great reason to use such a fun name!
    I agree!!!
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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