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    Every single time. I feel like it justifies some of my choices... Like I'm not the only one who thought this was a good name combo.
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    I never have. I love to google names of people I actually know, to see what will pop up. But I have never googled 'future kids names'

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    I do, but mostly just to make sure it's not associated with something inappropriate or horrible. Wouldn't want to accidentally name my daughter after a famous porn star because I'm ignorant of that sort of thing!

    One thing I learned while googling is that my daughter shares her first name with Niall Horan's mom (he's one of the boys in that band One Direction). My 9-year-old neighbor thought this bit of information was SO cool! LOL!

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    Sure do! I want to make sure there is nothing horrible associated with the name or the combo. I have only found one Elizabeth with the same surname as our daughter and she is a photographer from the UK. I found one other Annabelle Cadence who is 3 years. I haven't found any Annabelles with the same surname as us. I also check urban dictionary, my husband thinks that's weird but sometimes it's useful.
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    Not really, but then again, I've yet to be worried about naming a tiny person. I've Wiki'd names though, just to see if there are any notable associations. Very rarely have I been turned off of a name because of what I've found

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