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    Question Do you google any of the names you plan to use?

    Do you ever google any of the names you plan to use? And if so, would you not use a name if something came up? I'm not needing to have a completely unique name but once I do this it ruins the name for me if it is someone already using it and has websites and social media all wrapped up with it.

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    I have googled name combinatinos I plan to use before, but to search for same-named murderers, felons and porn stars. I can't imagine removing a name combo from my list if the only google matches are other people's social media/proof other people have used the combo.

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    Maybe it's bugging me because it is a musician with the same name so it's more marketing then just a regular profile...

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    The name we plan to use if we ever have a girl also belongs to a musician. I really don't care, although it is just her first name and not the combo. I don't see why it matters, really.
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    Always. I imagine my child will look their name up at some point in the future, and I want to know what will come up. I also like to google image search the name just out of curiosity. It's fun to see adult versions of my favorite names; it's also easier for me to visualize my child as an adult with that name when I see a photo. If the name comes up as belonging to a serial killer or someone who was tortured to death, that would factor into my decision though not necessarily dictate it. I usually don't care overly much if it's a clothing company or band though. All the interesting names seem to be turning into brands, so what can you do? It hasn't stopped the popularity of Victoria, and I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of Victoria's Secret. It's the first thing to pop up when I search Victoria anyway.
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