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    LOVE the suggestion of Evelyn as a middle!!! LOVE:

    Leah Evelyn Jane!!!
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    Leah Evelyn and Leah Evelyn Jane are stunning! I love Evelyn, it has an art deco, 1920s feel that is so stylish after classic Leah. Lucy Evelyn would be lovely too.
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    My boyfriend loves loves loves Leah and cannot seem to let it go. I think it is a very pretty name and classic but I just can't really get over the bible story. I don't know if I was taught it differently than everyone else here, or maybe I just took it different. I learned that Leah tricked Jacob into marrying her instead of her sister Rachel. And although she did bear Jacob six sons, they weren't conceived out of love for one another but Leah conceived in order to make Jacob love her and be faithful to her which in the end still did not work.

    It just bothers me I guess because the other meanings of our list are things like "victory of the people" and flower names which to me are a symbol of beauty usually. I don't want one of my kids to have a lesser meaning than the others.

    But! Since my boyfriend cannot let that pretty sound of Leah go, we added Aurelia to the list with the intent of nick naming her Lia Maybe if the meaning bothers you, that's an option. It doesn't really seem like it does though so I'd say Leah Evangeline or Leah Evelyn are beautiful, beautiful names! I really like the E- middle name sound with Leah.
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